Episode 135

Hope is the Last Thing that Dies

Jacob welcomes Daniel Stelter to the podcast to begin his research process into the future of the German economy with a sober conversation with an expert who thinks Germany is a long-term short. Dr. Stelter's take differs greatly from the one we take at CI, and we really enjoyed hearing his perspective on the future of Germany.

Dr. Stelter is the founder of the German Discussion Forum Beyond the Obvious (www.think-beyondtheobvious.com), focusing on strategic and macroeconomic issues. He has written several books, mostly in German.



(00:00) - Intro

(05:00) - Why are you pessimistic about Germany?

(06:04) - Germany's demographic problems

(09:35) – Germany’s education problems

(14:00) - Germany's energy problems

(19:39) - Why is Germany failing in education?

(25:00) - Why pessimist about German demographic trends ?

(37:00) - “Deindustrialization” and other fairy tales

(44:49) - How bad will things get?

(53:33) - How to fix Germany?

(57:16) - A few thoughts on the future of the EU


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